Open Application Community

The Open Application Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing open standards.

Integration with us!

Founded in 2016, Open Application Community helps software communicate with each other through standardized messaging for any business process you may throw at us. We help integrate applications with our software.

Our specialists will help you keep your goals and deadlines on time and within budget. We know a lot about advanced software and programs.

Let our specialists help you get the most out of your integrating layers. Our proven techniques will help you free up the resources and prepare your project for the next big challenge.

Why choose us?

Imagine the Possibilities

Our software can cover different types of businesses
electronic commerce, ERP, logistics, CRM, manufacture


Our architects and experts are very experienced. Let us help you write your next architectural play.

First Feature

Our specialists will prepare your team and your organization to quickly implement new standards and practices.


Our specialists are very good at software development and we can help both your developers and business analysts to put your design into practice.

Accelerating Work

We can help you release your software on time and even earlier. Let our methods simplify your next integration point.

Truthful opinions about our products


People are very happy with our work and are happy to leave feedback on various platforms, here are a few of them:

I was very unused to work in a company that sells Internet services without optimal accounting. But after my company turned to Open Applications, a few days later everything became so cool that I started to enjoy my work.

Jill Tomson
Jill TomsonManager

Open Applications helped me in organizing my enterprise. I needed to optimize my website and warehouse and they helped me in that. For weeks and now I know at any moment what is in my warehouse and how the site is doing.

Rome Kole
Rome KoleCompany Director

I needed help in working with clients and after I turned to these guys, the work became just great. I am very happy that I turned to them.

Fiora Licron
Fiora LicronDesigner

A wonderful company that helped me and my friends at work. I really liked the work of these guys. I am very glad that we addressed them.

Stan Verdson
Stan VerdsonCustomer


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After many years of development, our Open Applications group has created a unique software expertise in Business to Business, application integration.